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Papavero Raggiante S

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Lighting - design Gherardo Frassa

€ 623,00


Hand-folded stainless-steel pendant lamp with an elegant poppy-shaped design, glossy red lacquered with black fabric cable and black nickel ceiling rose. Indoor use.
Papavero Raggiante is not just a lamp with stainless steel petals, Papavero Raggiante is a tribute: to the poetry of flowers and their innate evocative power and to the creative genius of its own designer, Gherardo Frassa, the creator of Metal Poppies. Flowers that are able to overcome the transience and become a lamp whose strictly hand crafted petals can create rays of light.
Unique pieces that provide any environment, contract or residential, that hosts them, a feeling of wellbeing and lightness. Papavero Raggiante is not only red, it is available in white lacquered, 24 k gold-plated or nickel-plated polished stainless steel. Because there's the right flower for every room.

Dimension: cm 45x45, h 11
Material: stainless steel
Finish: red
Weight: kg 1
Volume: m3 0,077
Note: EU wiring with two-core electric fabric cable, E27 light bulb not included. Unique hand-crafted items.

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Gherardo Frassa

Gherardo Frassa

Born in the Valle dei Camuni, the valley of graffiti and iron, he soon starts to travel: to Milan, London and Paris, followed by 7 years on-the-road in the United States. He finally returns to Milan where he opens the shop “Balocchi e profumi” which invites to breathe in the air of novelty that is a distinctive feature of his discoveries.

To become acquainted with Gherardo Frassa, who passed away prematurely in June 2014, it is sufficient to say that he used to call himself an “eventologist” and that he spent his life between art, artisan work, fashion and design. Exhibitions, books, pieces of art, objects, cultural tributes, research, reconstruction, commercial initiatives: he dedicated his life to a myriad of different activities, always with his signature ant-conformist attitude, a love for the unusual (especially if backed by intelligence and history), an obsessive care for detail which he associated to an overflowing irony and joyful modesty.

His love for graffiti, iron and details find their utmost expression in the “disguise” that he possibly loved most and to which he dedicated his later years. The tin flower gardener, the inventor of those tiny sculptures, made entirely in tin, hand painted and depicting imaginative flowers of the strangest shapes, inspired by the original pictures of the futurist Osvaldo Bot and his “Futurist Mechanical Flora”.