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Decorative objects - design Gianluca Bianchi

€ 185,00


Poetic table object, fruit bowl in Bohemia crystal with decoration in steel. Two finishes.
Elegant as spring can be, the ladies of Madama.B are large and small butterflies which land on our bowls as soft as they do when in spring they flutter from flowers to flowers.
Madama.B is part of the Frutteti Collection, a series of brass or stainless steel shapes, gently embedded on the edge of a classic crystal fruit basket.

Dimension: cm 20,5x11,5, h 29
Material: Bohemian crystal, stainless steel
Finish: stainless steel
Weight: kg 1,5
Volume: m3 0,009
Note: -

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Gianluca Bianchi

Gianluca Bianchi

Gianluca Bianchi was born in Genoa and spent his childhood in Turin. He moved to Milan more than 30 years ago.

He discovered his passion for photography thanks to a trip to Mexico while he was studying at university. Once completed his degree, he started to work with Giuseppe Pino. In the mid-90s he met Gherardo Frassa with whom he collaborated in a variety of projects. In 2012, their friendship brought to the direct involvement of Gianluca Bianchi in the project "Fiori di latta" by Gherardo Frassa. Together they founded Citazioni, a production and distribution company of all the most important creations of Fiori di Latta unique world.

Unfortunately, the unexpected loss of Gherardo puts an end to this unique experience but the passion of Gianluca for image, art, design continues nowadays.