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La Cima

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Accessories - design Lapo Ciatti

€ 1.054,00


Ceiling-mounted coat rack in white braided nautical rope with three rings, two hangers each, 24 K gold finish. Ceiling anchorage matching the ring finish.
Have you never thought about a hanging rope for hanging whatever can be hung? La Cima by Lapo Ciatti embodies exactly this concept. The most traditional braided nautical rope is reinterpreted to become an innovative and appealing coat rack thanks to three rings with hangers. A furniture accessory where shape becomes the protagonist without relinquishing its ease of use, an object that, on the contrary, like all real objects of design, can turn an everyday action into an unforgettable experience. Very refined in white plus gold hangers, the coat rack designed by Lapo Ciatti is a real protagonist in any environment, be it at home, in the office, in a bar or in a hotel hall. It takes up very little room and it can be placed everywhere; living rooms, waiting rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms and kitchens.
La Cima is an universe of combinations: the nautical rope can be also black or sand while the hangers black, chrome or black nickel. Which is your favourite mix?

Dimension: diam. cm 7, h 360
Material: nautical rope, hangers in metal alloy
Finish: white/gold
Weight: kg 6,5
Volume: m3 0,052
Note: ceiling anchorage included in the price

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Lapo Ciatti

Lapo Ciatti

Born in Florence in 1980, Lapo Ciatti studied Industrial Design first at IED and then at the Domus Academy in Milan, before starting to work in one of the most prestigious architecture studios with offices in Florence, Milan and London. Determined to set up his own business before entering the family firm, he trained abroad, an experience that allowed him to shape a polyhedric vision, open to contamination and a clear ability to grasp future trends.

Having returned to Italy in 2006, Lapo Ciatti enters the family business. After years of silently observing his mother’s entrepreneurial skills, his studies and work in the field where he had come into contact with an international scenario he blends, full of youthful energy, into the group as though he had been born in it. What he establishes with Bruno Rainaldi is an entrepreneurial, artistic and personal pact that will strongly influence his early works. In 2008, they found Opinion Ciatti, a company that brings together, merging them into a single and unique reality, the family business’s three different “souls”: CCR, Ciatti a Tavola and Facebox. Opinion Ciatti becomes their (shared) expression of a specific understanding of the world of design as a field for experimentation, a laboratory of shapes. In 2009, the 5blocks container system he designs is chosen for the ADI Design Index.

He has been CEO and Art Director of Opinion Ciatti since 2011.

Deeply bound to his native Tuscany, he has turned his love for his land into a privileged source of inspiration for the productions by Opinion Ciatti. These are the origins of the collections #FollowYourRoots, a trip in time searching for one’s roots to give meaning to what we are and what we breathe today. The unification of past and present, the hashtag of communication 2.0, facing the roots to be discovered, the fil rouge that joins the suggestions for living in the third millennium.

Curious, thoughtful, careful, attentive to the slightest detail, in his most recent years his attention has turned towards the search for innovative luxury contract solutions. In 2015, with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman he designed the common areas and the Suite of OFF Paris Seine, the first floating hotel on the Seine.