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New Sacristy l 170 - Firenze Carpet

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Accessories - design Sebastiano Tosi & Lapo Ciatti

€ 2.048,00


Synthetic fibre rectangular rug, four-colours printed, it displays the ceiling of the New Sacristy at the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence.
The New Sacristy rug stemmed from the collaboration between Sebastiano Tosi and Lapo Ciatti, and invites us to look higher and to be inebriated by beauty.
The rug is part of the Firenze carpet collection, a series of three subjects which features the magnificence of some of Florence's most beautiful architecture in a game of mirrors. Sceneries which can usually be enjoyed only from below, are brought to the earth offering an unexpected change of viewpoints. So it happens that the stunning interior of the New Sacristy, into the Medici Chapel complex, designed by Michelangelo and built between 1521 and 1534, becomes the wonderful subject of this carpet of light tones and available in two sizes.
Suddenly you will find yourself surrounded by the grandeur of the Medicean Florence and be overwhelmed by the astonishment felt by the women and men of those days when their eyes lifted to observe the placing of the latest work by Michelangelo, when they sharpened their ears to hear to the sound of metal being worked in the forges and the air smelling of lime, wood and leather.
The Firenze Carpet collection is a series of fascinating rugs and they are suitable for residential and professional use. They are the perfect choice to give charm and a touch of magic to the environment, whether classic or contemporary.
Be touched by their softness! To respect the beauty of art and maybe also to dominate a vague sense of vertigo, light footprints will move on otherwise inaccessible surfaces.

Dimension: cm 255x170
Material: synthetic fibre
Finish: New Sacristy - 170
Weight: kg 9,5
Volume: m3 0,1
Note: colour matched borders. Fire resistant, good sound absorption, slip-resistant.

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Sebastiano Tosi & Lapo Ciatti

Sebastiano Tosi & Lapo Ciatti

Sebastiano Tosi was born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1980. After graduating in Industrial Design at Milan’s Politecnico, he started his professional career in Marc Sadler’s Design Studio where he worked on a very diverse range of projects - from design to architecture – for such companies as Ideal Standard, Ernesto Meda, Caimi Brevetti, L’Invisibile, Aerodinamica, Crassevig and Il Gufo. During this period, he learned about composite materials and fibres.
In 2008 he joined Studio Gooris, focusing on product and concept design for such companies as Alessi, Ferrero, Target, Levis, JC Penny, Foreverlamp, Oras, EQ3 e many others.
In 2009 with Alessandro Ruffini of studio he specialized also in the production of photo-realistic 3D rendering and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)
In 2010 he became a partner at Bombol, a design brand of baby products, where he was responsible for development and production.
Since 2013 Sebastiano has been in charge of product development, management and coordination in the Far East for the A-style brand.
During the same year he opened a new office in Lugano focusing on product development, retail and interior design.

Born in Florence in 1980, Lapo Ciatti studied Industrial Design first at IED and then at the Domus Academy in Milan, before starting to work in one of the most prestigious architecture studios with offices in Florence, Milan and London. Determined to set up his own business before entering the family firm, he trained abroad, an experience that allowed him to shape a polyhedric vision, open to contamination and a clear ability to grasp future trends.
Having returned to Italy in 2006, Lapo Ciatti enters the family business. After years of silently observing his mother’s entrepreneurial skills, his studies and work in the field where he had come into contact with an international scenario he blends, full of youthful energy, into the group as though he had been born in it. What he establishes with Bruno Rainaldi is an entrepreneurial, artistic and personal pact that will strongly influence his early works. In 2008, they found Opinion Ciatti, a company that brings together, merging them into a single and unique reality, the family business’s three different “souls”: CCR, Ciatti a Tavola and Facebox. Opinion Ciatti becomes their (shared) expression of a specific understanding of the world of design as a field for experimentation, a laboratory of shapes. In 2009, the 5blocks container system he designs is chosen for the ADI Design Index.
He has been CEO and Art Director of Opinion Ciatti since 2011.
Curious, thoughtful, careful, attentive to the slightest detail, in his most recent years his attention has turned towards the search for innovative luxury contract solutions. In 2015, with Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman he designed the common areas and the Suite of OFF Paris Seine, the first floating hotel on the Seine.
In 2018 he is part of the team working on the interiors of Ducasse sur Seine, the first restaurant of the multi-awarded French chef, situated on the first 100% electric cruise boat.