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Shoe Stool

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Seating - design Koichi Futatsumata

€ 748,00


Metal stool created to put on, take off and clean up shoes. It is equipped with a tray where to place shoe care-related goods.
Removable and washable rubber footrest protection. Available in six finishes (black, white, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, black leaf).

Compact, ergonomic, innovative, useful above all, Shoe Stool has a discreet and elegant charm that allows it to belong to any area of the house: the entrance, the bedroom , the walk-in closet but also the living room.

Dimension: cm 25x40, h 45
Material: steel
Finish: black leaf
Weight: kg 5,5
Volume: m3 0,062
Note: leaf finishes are hand-crafted, therefore every piece is unique and presents variations.

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Koichi Futatsumata

Koichi Futatsumata

Koichi Futatsumata is a Japanese designer born in Kagoshima in 1975.

After graduating from department of engineering and architecture at Kyushu Industrial University, Futatsumata established his own design studio Case-Real in Fukuoka in 2000 and later in Tokyo in 2005, where he provides design solutions in the areas of space, architecture and furniture. His first works soon receive significant attention domestically and internationally.

In 2000, he is the youngest artist to be selected at the exhibition in Paris,“Japan Design Nouvelle Generation”, which is introducing 25 Japanese leading designers. His designed hybrid tube amplifier 22 (EK Japan, 2009) is at Dieter Rams’s exhibition, “Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams” at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and it is now added to the permanent collection.

In 2010 he receives Bronze Award of Design For Asia Award with Hammock (E&Y, 2010). At the Japanese-British exhibition “Mark-ing“ (2013), held at Gallery Libby Sellers in London and Tokyo Midtown Hall, he is selected with other 15 Japanese and British designers.

In 2013, Futatsumata set up Koichi Futatsumata Studio in Fukuoka where he developed his product design practice further. In 2014 Shoe Stool realized by Opinion Ciatti is in the final shortlist of Wallpaper* design awards.

Representative architectural works include: Tsumons (Fukuoka/2014), Restaurant on the Sea (Kagawa, Japan, 2013) in Teshima Island, which is famous for one of the venues for the Setouchi Triennale and the recent AESOP Sapporo Stellar Place (Sapporo/2016).

As a designer, he always works with his design belief: balanced different sized elements from furniture to interior design and architecture.