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Mirror - design Marta Giardini

€ 700,00


Mirror shaped from mirror-steel sheet.
An hand shaped mirror, a wordplay. As our wish to find yourself always „handsome“ when you look in it but also a reference to something which is hand-some, hand shaped indeed! A pleasant and amusing mirror to give a touch of irony and carefreeness to all the enviroments where it is placed.

Dimension: cm 58x3, h 100
Material: mirror stainless steel
Finish: -
Weight: kg 8,5
Volume: m3 0,039
Note: -

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Marta Giardini

Marta Giardini

Marta Giardini, architect and designer, was born in Vercelli. Following her studies at the Brera Academy, in 1998 she was awarded a degree in Interior Design by the Milan Polytechnic.

As Paola Navone’s assistant she took part in the Armani Casa project, in addition to the early years and the birth of Gervasoni Blu.

In 2002, with Bruno Rainaldi, she founded ENTRATALIBERA in Milan, a very special space suspended between art and design, a “workshop of shapes” open to research and experimentation.

She lived in Spain between 2004 and 2007 to follow the table accessories and bedroom textiles lines for Zara Home.

Between 2007 and 2009 she was the art director of DMK, Sintesi and other brands of the group.

As a designer, she has signed pieces for Opinion Ciatti and DMK, and is now a consultant for leading companies in the sector, including Armani, Trussardi and Coin.

Marta is currently based in Milan.